China-Denmark Wastewater Partnership


The Danish Ministry of Environment has launched a comprehensive China Water program, which partly covers the Danish secretariat of the China Europe Water Platform, partly direct Danish export promotion efforts.

Under this programme a partnership concerning China-wastewater shall be established and operated during the period of 2016-2018 by a Danish Project Holder. Danish Export Association (Danish Water Technology Group, DWTG) has been selected to carry out the assignment. DWTG will be assisted by WTC ApS, DEA Shanghai and Umore Company Ltd., China.

The partnership will form the focal point of a business cooperation aimed at relationship building, project development, export promotion and market creation in the wastewater segment. Focus shall be on resource optimization based on water in a broader sense, and with particular focus on agriculture and food.

During the project period a comprehensive sectoral program of cooperation between Denmark and China on wastewater will be established by the Nature Agency and which must operate in close connection to the wastewater partnership.

The partnership will ensure a broad mobilization of the Danish resource base in this area.



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