Estonian Water and Wastewater Association Study Tour to Denmark

20 key-persons from the Estonian water sector took part in a recent study tour to Denmark. WTC organized the tour on behalf of the Danish Water Technology Group.

The Estonian Water and Wastewater Association and The Danish Water Technology Group.

The goal:
To get experiences on effective (energy savings) technologies and best practices in water treatment (management) in Denmark.

The main expectations:

  • To visit water and waste water treatment plants (different sizes),
  • Get acquainted with the Danish strategies on: water treatment management, sludge treatment/management, storm water management
  • Organisation of the Danish water sector (co-operation between water works (utilities) and state agencies (legislative process etc.) and between various associations). In short – the frame(net)work of the water management sector,
  • To get acquainted with the main problems in the Danish water sector (challenges),
  • To visit Danish water works association to build up better relationship for co-operation in future.






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