Preparation of a ship waste-reception facility and upgrading of oil-spill contingency in the main harbors of Tanzania. Study of Waste and Oil Spill Management including Port Receiving Facilities. 2012-2013. The project has been matured for Danida Business Finance by preparing feasibility study and project document. Works financed by Tanzania Ports Authority and Danida Business Finance., Read More

Co-operation between BioKube A/S and Bioland Co. Ltd. Introduction of biological wastewater treatment. Preparation of applications, management support, project counselling, auditing and reporting. Danida B2B-programme. The idea of the partnership is to introduce “plug-and-play” wastewater treatment units in Ghana for wastewater from single house units up to 10.000 person units (PE). The first wastewater, Read More


Danida B2B Partnership between KD Group A/S and GZEP China on transfer of know-how on production of wastewater treatment equipment. WTC assisted the partnership with preparation of documentation, applications, feasibility study, project document etc. In addition, the CSR component of the project was prepared by WTC.


Danida B2B Project between DGE A/S and PT Amrita. A water and waste partnership. WTC assisted the partnership during the initial phases including preparation of feasibility study and project document.


B2B Project between Gascon A/S and PT Gikoko. A GHG and waste-to-energy partnership. WTC assisted the partnership with preparation of documentation inclusive of project document etc.  

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TechChange and Matchmaking event between Danish and Bengal companies with environment, construction and energy. The event was organized in cooperation with Danida Business-to-Business in Bangladesh. 13 Danish and more than 60 Bengal companies took part in the event.


B2B Partnership between DGE A/S, Kemic A/S, Willstan Co. Ltd. and Beze-Lel Co. Ltd. in Ghana. A water partnership.


Green and Healthy Ghana 2009. A TechChange Event 13 Danish companies and more than 50 Ghanaian companies took part in the first TechChange Fair and MatchMaking event in Ghana from 24-26 March 2009. Companies from the environment, energy and agro business sectors took part in the event. A lot of meetings were held during, Read More


Biokube og deres ghanesiske partner afleverede forleden deres nyeste rensanlæg til kunden, Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre i Ghana. Anlægget er det første Biokube anlæg i Afrika. Under overværelse af Danmarks vice-ambassadør i Ghana, den britiske høj-kommissær, Ghanas forsvarschef samt chefen for Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Training Centre, blev Biokubes renseanlæg afleveret og, Read More


Cooperation between Envidan A/S and Darco Sdn Bhd. A wastewater partnership. 2007-2009. WTC assisted the partnership during establishment of the partnership from the initial stages through preparation of feasibility study, project document, CSR-component, reporting and management assistance.  


Cooperation between Biokube A/S, Thanomwongse Service Co. Ltd. And Tipco Foods Plc. A wastewater partnership. Preparation of applications, feasibility study, project document, management support, project counselling, auditing and reporting. PFP-Programme.


Co-operation between Odense Vandselskab A/S and Taliworks Langkawi Sdn.Bhd. Establishment of partnership between Odense Water Ltd and Taliworks Langkawi Sdn Bhd with a view to introduce and test methods for efficient reduction of NRW and energy as a mean to optimise operation of a water company. WTC assisted in preparation of applications, management support,, Read More


Co-operation between Grundfos Management A/S and YSHT Energy Audit in Chinese District Heating Distribution. Preparation of applications, management support, project counselling, auditing and reporting. Danida PFP-programme- 2007-2008 Replacement and upgrading of District Heating plants may create real energy savings (on pumps as well as fuel costs) and reduction in CO2 emission, once the replacements, Read More


Cooperation between Asia Baru Construction Sdn. Bhd. and Scandinavian No- Dig Centre, a PFP-project.


REWaRD Project – Grundfos Management A/S and Solartron pcl In January 2007, the two companies Solartron and Grundfos joined forces in a project on Renewable Energy Water and Rural Development, named in short REWaRD. The REWaRD programme aim at introducing cost efficient solar pump solutions to water problems in rural Thailand. The initiative is partly, Read More


Solid waste separation and production of organic fertiliser Start-Up Facility and Implementation Project. Project advisor and administration. Danida PFP-Programme. 2006-2008 Partnership on waste treatment Tim Envipro A/S, a Danish company developing and producing equipment for waste treatment has entered into a partnership with the Thai-company Association of 3 Co. Ltd. The need on the, Read More


Pipe Rehabilitation by No- Dig Methods. A PFP-project. A cooperation between Per Aarsleff A/S and KWHP Pipes Thailand. WTC was assigned to take care of documentation and reporting to Danida.